Festival Bracelet

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Arrange your material and print out the embroidery pattern. The colours are marked on the pattern with small icons so that you can also print it out in black/white. The finished bracelet measures 18 x 5 cm. So that you can easily stretch the fabric in the embroidery frame, the Aida fabric piece should measure about 40 x 30 cm.


  • Approx. 30 x 40 cm Zweigart Stern-Aida (5.4 stitches/cm, 14 count, art. 3706/100)

  • 2 strands Anchor embroidery thread in No 1 (white)

  • 2 strands Anchor embroidery thread in No 130 (light blue)

  • 2 strands Anchor embroidery thread in No 301 (light brown)

  • 2 strands Anchor embroidery thread in No 901 (medium brown)

  • 1 strand Anchor embroidery thread in No 1006 (red)

  • Embroidery frame and embroidery needles, suitable for 3 and 6 threads

  • Button

  • Sewing accessories such as scissors and trick marker

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Start in the centre


On the embroidery pattern, the centre of the bracelet is marked by a frame around the middle square. Start the embroidery at this point. In the row where the middle square is, cross-stitch the 4 stitches in light brown. Next, you could work your way down and embroider more cross-stitches with the light brown yarn. Here, the heart and pretzel motifs are embroidered with 6 ply yarn and the background is embroidered with 3 ply yarn. This emphasises the motifs a bit more once again.


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Colour change


When the light brown yarn is sewn and used up, you could change colour and embroider the brown edges of the pretzel around the centre. Use this method to work through the complete embroidery pattern.


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Embroider motifs


Since the motifs are generally embroidered with more yarn threads than the background, you can embroider all of the pretzels and hearts first. You don’t constantly have to keep an eye on the number of threads.


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Embroider background


When all of the motifs are finished, the background is next. Embroider the light blue and white box with 3 ply yarn. To finish, the outer, single-row edge with 3 ply yarn follows.


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Braid closure


Take nine approx. 30 cm long threads of the red yarn and knot an end. Thread the other end into the eye of the needle and pull it through a hole in the middle row of the red edge from left to right.


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Laying a loop



With these nine threads, braid a plait which – when laid as a loop – doesn’t fit too loosely around the button. Knot the end of the braid and pull the yarn back to the left through an opposite hole in the edge. Sew and knot the beginning and end together.



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Sewing button on 1


On the other side, sew the button on in the middle.                                                                                                                                                                             


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Sewing button on 2



The button should have some room and not be too tight.                                                                                                                                                                    



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Preparing corners


Check the back for loose or overlaying threads. Cut the fabric back so that there are around 3 cm of seam allowance. Fold each of the sides in twice and iron them carefully. Each of the corners will now have four small squares.


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Cutting corners


Cut diagonally through the centre of the four squares so that an entire square and two half squares are removed.                                                         


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Shaping corners 1


Now fold the corner so that the corner of the bracelet precisely meets this edge. Iron again.                                                                                                   


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Shaping corners 2


Now the left and right corners of the edge which was just ironed are folded inwards and ironed. If you have pins or cloth clamps on hand, they will help a lot.


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Shaping corners 3


Shape all of the corners and fix them in place. Pay particular attention to making sure that the bracelet’s edges look nice and straight from the right side.


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Stitching corners down


With some 3 ply embroidery thread or regular sewing thread, sew corners and hem on the back of the bracelet without coming to the front.          


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Finishing off


On medium heat, carefully iron the bracelet again.                                                                                                                                                                          



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